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Miller’s Kampark (MKP) is an RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parking Site Rental facility. RV sites are rented to individuals (aka-RV’er) for street licensed motor vehicle Self Service (no services provided), parking to accommodate 1) RV and 1) passenger vehicle. The vehicles are mobile, on wheels, non-stationary, personal property and not considered real estate. This agreement is for vehicular parking and laws pertaining to personal residency are hereby waived.  All transactions are subject to these terms and conditions as outlined herein.

RV Rental Sites: The RV sites feature a single parking spot for your RV (Recreational Vehicle) and 1) Passenger Vehicle. Each site offers access to pressurized municipal water, domestic sanitary sewage disposal and electrical. Please inspect the site prior to your occupancy. Should the RV site not meet your approval, prior to your occupancy of the site, you will be entitled to a full refund of your pre-registration. Upon occupying the site, you accept the site as is.

Registration: Registration and payment in Advance is required for all site rentals, occupants on premises and usage of our facilities. MKP does not offer reservations for sites, only pre-registration including pre-payment. Usage of the MKP facilities without prior registration, payment and approval is subject to criminal trespass and loitering laws. The police will be called to remove unregistered vehicles and or occupants from our premise. Rates are based upon number of persons occupying the RV site.

Rental Application: We reserve the right to extend or refuse service to anyone. We may require a rental reference, personal background information, employment information, proof of financial capacity, or other information that we deem necessary to determine if we will extend a site rental offering.

Appearance Screening– We reserve the right to inspect the condition of your RV and or Vehicle. If we feel the appearance of your RV or Vehicle does not meet our e expectations, we may withhold our Site Registration offering.

Rental Rates– MKP offers Monthly & Weekly, (Extended Stay) rental rates. Rates are subject to change without notice and rates posted on site take precedence. By signing this registration form, you agree to all terms and conditions listed herein, to obey all laws, to comply with all notices and signs posted on MKP premises and all terms and conditions.

Payments- We accept cash, credit card or check (with proper identification). Payment transactions are subject to acceptance and approval and must be paid in advance.

Transaction Fees-Returned checks, credit card charge backs or other transactions that result in partial or incomplete payment will be charged an additional fee in the amount of $50.00. plus, but not limited to towing and or disposal cost, administration cost, cost of collections, attorneys’ fees, court cost, processor fees and other cost that may be encountered to collect any outstanding fees due to MKP.

Late Fees: To receive the posted extended stay rates, you must register and pay in advance. If your payment is made after the checkout time, we may at our option charge

Daily Rate Fee– our Daily Rate currently $49.95 for each day you have not renewed your extended stay registration

Late Fee– For extended stay registrations that are not paid on or before the renewal/check out date MKP will charge $50.00 for the first day and $5.00 per each day thereafter until the entire amount due is paid in full. Should non-payment persist beyond one registration period, the late fees will compound.

Early Departure and Credits– Should you (RV’er) check-out prior to end of your registration period, upon request, you will be issued a Credit Voucher for your unused and remaining registration period. This credit vouched is good for one year from the date of issuance and must be original vouched presented to redeem. We do not offer cash back or refunds.

Utilities:   The RV sites are individually numbered and each site features water, electricity, and sewer. Some sites are set up to share a water hydrant with a neighboring site

Water– You will have access to an above ground yard hydrant equipped with ¾” water hose threads. You may attach to and utilize pressurized municipal domestic water during non-freezing weather conditions. Connections should not leak or cause loss of water. Water is for domestic consumption, and usage inside your RV only. Washing of vehicles and non-domestic consumption prohibited.   If in the event the weather is projected to dip to 32 degrees or lower, (Freezing Conditions) MKP requires and you agree to comply with our Freeze Protection Policies. In freezing conditions, the RV’er is responsible for freeze protection of the above ground Yard Hydrants and their own pressurized water system. If a hydrant is damaged RV’er agrees to pay professional repair cost. Replacement of a hydrant is a minimum charge of $350.00.

Electrical– MKP offers 50a, 30a, and 20a metered electrical RV site pedestals. Daily rental rate includes the electrical fee. Electric for weekly and Monthly (extended Stay) rentals require a $100.00 deposit. This deposit will be held until your departure and will then be applied to your final electrical fee. Should your deposit be in excess of your outstanding electrical fee due, a refund of the security deposit balance will be issued. (At MKP’s discretion, we may apply any refund due to you towards any other outstanding fees that may be due to MKP).

Electrical meter readings will be taken at the beginning of your registration period and again at the end of your registration period. The total kilowatts consumed will be charged at the rate of $0.17 cents per kilowatt hour. Rates subject to change. Posted rates take precedence and apply. At any time MKP determines your electrical consumption exceeds the amount of your deposit, we may request and collect and interim payment towards your electrical fee.

Sewer – Each site and our fee-based Dump Station is for the discharge of domestic biodegradable waste only. Blockages to our sewer system caused by non-acceptable camper waste, lost or improperly placed RV sewer hoses and or solids introduced by the RV’er, will be charged. Do not discharge waste or gray water on the ground. Water connections are the responsibility of the RV’er. Miller’s Kampark will not be held liable loss of utility service beyond our control. Should utility service be lost for any reason, the RV’er will be provided a credit voucher for future usage, when the utilities are restored, subject to normal reservation process.  In any event our liability will be limited to the cost of one day’s site rental without liability for consequential or inconvenience damages.

Wi-Fi- MKP offers courtesy wireless internet access. Please ask for the Wi-Fi password.

Check Out Time: is 11:00am following your last paid through night. (See registration showing last paid through night) Should you decide to stay longer please notify the office to update your registration. (subject to availability, prior registrations have priority) The grace period for vacating the sites after check out time is 1 hour. After the grace period has expired your unit is subject to disconnection and or towing at MKP’s discretion and at your expense. without recourse against Miller’s Kampark, its employees and owners for actual or consequential damages.

Upon expiration of the above listed Check Out time and grace period, Permission is hereby granted to immediately, disconnect your RV from MKP’s utilities, to physically remove your RV, Vehicle(s) and personal property from MKP’s premise at your expense, without liability or recourse against MKP, its agents, owner or employees.

Limitations of Liability: MKP is a self-service facility. RV’er agrees to inspect the RV site and MKP facilities prior to occupancy. Should RV’er or RV’ers guest, sustain any type of loss while on premises, RV’er agrees to Indemnify and Hold Harmless, Miller’s Kampark, its owner, agents and employees, including but not limited to loss of, personal or bodily injury, loss of public utility, wind or storm damages, falling tree or limb damages, animal encounters, acts of God, fire, theft, vandalism, and or other damages which may arise. MKP reserves the right to remove unregistered vehicles and other personal property that are left beyond the registration check out time and defined grace period. MKP will not be held liable for any damages that may arise resulting from towing, handling and disposing of personal property.

Pets: Pets must be on a leash, attended at all times. Walk pets on the road accessing the park or in green spaces. All pet residue must be removed immediately, $50.00 fine for each violation of this policy. Pets may not be left outside your RV unattended. Pets found to be a nuisance will be required to be kept inside your RV and if nuisance persist, you will be asked to leave the park.

Quite Time: Is 9:00 pm to 8:00am. No loud noises or radios. Please do not run generators at any time, consider others.

Laws: RV’er must obey all laws and not cause a nuisance. Loud noises, radios, fireworks or open fires are Not permitted. MKP may revoke any or all party’s registration as we deem appropriate to protect the harmony of the RV Park. If any clause, section or provision is deemed to be unenforceable, the remainder of the document to remain valid.

Children: Must be declared at the time of registration and supervised at all times. Children 12 and under must have adult supervision to use the swimming pool.

Trash: Sites are self-service, and you must remove your trash and deposit it in our premise’s dumpster. When you leave your site, you must leave it clean for the next occupant. No services are included in your registration. If your site requires cleaning an additional charge will apply to include all labor and disposal fees applicable, but not less than $50.00 to clean your site. This fee will be added to your registration and is due upon occurrence. We may use your card on file to collect fees due.


If you need assistance, please call 816-781-7724

Thank you, Miller’s Kampark Management


145 N. Stewart Road,
Liberty, Mo. 64068

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